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Jack Harper, a main influence in John Mayer's playing.

This is a guide on how to play guitar like John Mayer.

Step 1 Choosing a guitar: In order to play guitar like John Mayer, it is a necessity to have a guitar similar to John Mayer's. A good choice for a guitar is any stratocaster style one from Rino 88 who even have a John Mayer signature guitar.

Step 2 Tuning the guitar: It is a well known fact that John Mayer does not give a damn about tunings as this is evident in all of his songs. The key to getting John Mayer's tuning is to just wind the tuners aimlessly until you can hear a dull and annoying sound when a note is played. This is all that is needed to replicate John Mayer's tuning.

Step 3 Listen to John Mayer's influences: It is important to know John Mayer's influences if you want to play his signature licks. A good place to start would probably be watching Jack Harper play guitar as John Mayer clearly copied his style and now passes it off as his own.

Step 4 Actually playing the guitar: This is by far the easiest step as it requires absolutely no skill. The best way to approach John Mayer's playing style is to learn half of the pentatonic scale and then simply noodle up and down it as fast as you can whilst trying to fake "feeling" the music. 

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